Build your own computer online and get it FAST.

build a custom computer


Discount Electronics now lets you build you own computer bundle directly on the website. The best part? It ships fast – usually the very same day.

What’s in a bundle? You choose your favorite computer, monitor, and mouse and keyboard. All the cables you need are included. Select upgrades before you lock in your bundle, such as sweet speakers, a speedy laser printer, and a Wi-Fi hotspot adapter and you’ve got your perfect package with all the options at an incredible price. But don’t take my word for it – check it out!

Should I buy the extended warranty?

extended warranty for computer

Let me answer that with another question. What’s wrong with the warranty that came with the computer? Many big box retailers are charging in excess of $100 for in store warranties. One sales associate described it to me like this. ‘If you don’t buy the extended warranty you are at the mercy of the manufacturer and we all know how that can be.’ While his statement may have been accurate it was not reassuring.

Why is it that goods can be sold with such flimsy warranties? Big box retailer #1 will stand behind the computer or laptop you buy from them for 14 days and then either you pay big bucks for the extended warranty or take a hike. I asked specifically, ‘If this laptop’s hard drive fails 6 weeks from now could I return it for an exchange?’ ‘Absolutely not.’ The clerk says. ‘If you have paid for the extended warranty we will fix it. If you didn’t buy the warranty you will need to take it up with the manufacturer.’ Then he ads ‘I’m not sure they’d cover a hard drive, since there is software on it.

I think there is something inherently wrong with all of this. That is why Discount Electronics includes an in store warranty on every product we sell at no additional charge. You never need to go back to the manufacturer. Every Computer and Laptop we sell comes with a year long parts and labor warranty. If that PC or notebook fails withing a year we will fix it for you for free. And we’ll do it right there in that store, fast. If you bought it online our Wall Street facility will preform the repair.

I am often asked why Discount Electronics is so successful and why the stores are always so busy. Service after the sale is the answer I always give. Buy one computer or laptop from us and you will never buy anywhere else again. Why would you? We can sell you quality Dell equipment at a fraction of the original cost and give you a warranty better than the one you pay for at the Big Box retailer. Many of our computers and laptops are so cheap that you will pay less for the computer and the warranty than you would pay for the warranty alone at the other store.

So the answer to the first question is NO.

Where should I buy a Refurbished PC?

buy refurbished pc

You will find numerous retailers jumping on the refurbished computer bandwagon, all wanting to rid you of your hard earned money while shouting ‘go green’ in unison. Truth is they are just reselling refurbished computers and are not computer refurbishers.

Why does that matter to you? It matter because these big name, big box retailers will send you up stream when you have a problem. They are quick to broker the deal when it means taking your money but backing that transaction up with a warranty and customer service is not in the interest of their bottom line.

These big box retailers are not providing a service. They are just marking up the price. This is what makes Discount Electronics different. We refurbish, sell and warranty the computers ourselves. There are no middle men. That means a better price and a better warranty for you.

Buy your refurbished computer direct from Discount Electronics for as little as $99 and get a real one year parts and labor warranty. This isn’t a sideline for us, this is what we do. Since 1997 we have been refurbishing end of lease computers from Fortune 500 companies and selling them to individuals and small businesses all over the US at a fraction of the original price.

We have been on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US for 6 years in a row and win the coveted ‘Best of Austin’ award year after year for best computer store. We have 8 retail locations in Texas and 100+ employees. Discount Electronics knows computers and understands the economics of small business. Whether you need one or one hundred refurbished computers we are here to help.